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I grew up on a farm along the banks of the Upper Mississippi River in Wisconsin. I overcame my school experience to earn a PhD in Organizational Learning at The Union Institute and University. I developed curriculum for adults and taught at a small liberal arts college. Consulting and research in organizational learning with a group that started at MIT segued into ten years of field research at Harley-Davidson, where I was their Learning Historian/Reflective Analyst. I left consulting to learn the craft of writing that went beyond academic studies, organizational narratives, and the occasional essay. I thought the result would be humorous travelogues and essays, but what eventually emerged was much different. With all the theoretical understanding that I amassed about living with LD, I still didn’t understand; that’s why Dave showed up. If you don’t count my eight guitars and four bikes, I live a very simple life in San Francisco.

New Fonts For Us! Now if they can only come up with more humane grouping for algebra problems rather than confusing pairings like (bd) (qp) (xy) ect . . . Advertisements

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Project: Eye to Eye

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We may inhabit different points on some theoretical spectrum but we have this in common: people saying dumb sh*^ to us.

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Sir Ken, Part Two

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I always enjoy the big picture assessment from Sir Ken. Here’s his latest.

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So, what do I have in common with our former mayor?

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Ben Foss and His Reader on CNN

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