Different learners require different models: here’s another one.


About marty castleberg

I grew up on a farm along the banks of the Upper Mississippi River in Wisconsin. I overcame my school experience to earn a PhD in Organizational Learning at The Union Institute and University. I developed curriculum for adults and taught at a small liberal arts college. Consulting and research in organizational learning with a group that started at MIT segued into ten years of field research at Harley-Davidson, where I was their Learning Historian/Reflective Analyst. I left consulting to learn the craft of writing that went beyond academic studies, organizational narratives, and the occasional essay. I thought the result would be humorous travelogues and essays, but what eventually emerged was much different. With all the theoretical understanding that I amassed about living with LD, I still didn’t understand; that’s why Dave showed up. If you don’t count my eight guitars and four bikes, I live a very simple life in San Francisco.
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3 Responses to Different learners require different models: here’s another one.

  1. He never mentions LD kids but he does talk about those kids who are bored and disaffected. Sound familiar?

  2. usethebrainsgodgiveyou says:

    Wonderful…thanks! I love the comparison to the Renaissance (sp?) Learn by working, work by learning. We need a rebaissance in education, that’s for damn sure, with a 25% dropout rate.

    Do the kids fail the schools, or do the schools fail the kids….hmm…who are supposed to be the grownups?

  3. usethebrainsgodgiveyou says:

    wonder what a rebaissance is….? a rebirth + renaissance = rebaissance, eh?

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